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Virtual Tour Navigation Icons

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Matterport Navigation Icons

Tip #1: The Floor Toggle can be used in any of the 3 views (Walk-through, dollhouse, floor plan). If you’re in the walk-through view, click on the floor toggle and you’ll move up and down like riding an elevator.

Tip #2: If you click on the middle of the floor toggle while in the dollhouse view, it will reveal all the floors in the model.

Tip #3: Many find that the best way to navigate through a home is by using the arrow keys on the keyboard rather than the mouse.

Real Estate Virtual Reality

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3D Virtual Reality is the future. Our virtual tours are built in such a way that when the technology reaches the consumer level, they will be easily adapted to use with virtual reality headsets such as the Oculus Rift or Samsung Gear VR.

What do you think the future of Virtual Reality will be as it relates to Real Estate listings and showings? Please comment below.

Oculus Rift Virtual Tour

Meet Our 3D Cameras

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[headline_subtitle title=”Meet our Matterport 3D Cameras” subtitle=”As the Matterport Pro 3D Camera spins, it captures the colors and contours of a space and calculates dimensions and spacial relationships between objects. Our Matterport professional 3D cameras use an array of 2D and 3D sensors to quickly capture the appearance and dimensions of a space. “]

Matterport 3D Camera